It is possible to order implants with cover screw Add -C to the relevant article and Add with cover to the revelant implant name in your order.


It is used for installation in front and lateral parts canines, incisors, premolars.



Only DXL Premium Hybrid Implant with cover series include cover screw.


The streamlined cylindro-conical/tapered implant body emulates the drill shape for a more precise bonesocket fitting.


Its special “slope:d-shoulder” platform design prevents gingival resorption in the vunerable crestal area. It also provides for a stronger biomechanical stability at bone-level placement.


The morse-tapered hexagon, or conical-hex is a “standardized” implant-abutment-connection, which enables indexing and positively maintains the stability of permanent dental fixtures.
The conical part is absolutley bacteria-dense and in conjunction with the crestal micro-threads, shows excellent results of compression reduction in this everso vunerable region.


The spiral-shaped trapezoidal thread was developed for a better primary stability therefore it is recommended to be used for all bone densities.


DXL implants have a specific surface roughness (Ra: 2.3 – 3.0 µm) which supports a predictable osseointegration into the jaw bone without complications. DXL implants SLA (Sand-Blasted / Large Grid / Acid-Etched) surface is the latest generation of standardized dental implant surfaces. The increased surface area provides for a perfect coagulum-docking, which is responsible for the boney-wall to implant apposition. Due to this advantage the implant maintains a higher primary stability and has a quicker osseointegration.


Due to the precise convex or “bullet-nose” non-invasive apical implant design/shape, it can prevent damage/trauma to anatomical bone structures or the sensitive sinus membrane tissue, such as during sinus-lift procedures – thus reducing the time of the surgical protocol.
In order to continuously develop our designs/types of dental implants, we engage in a communicative exchange with implantologists in private practice:s/clinic:s as well as at university level and observe the technology transfer very closely and critically.
Established “golden standard” requirements, as well as current trends in design and surface topography, are transformed into viable dental implant solutions with our supply-chain engineers, technicians and contacts.
“Through innovative technologies, optimization processes, controlled quality and a high level of innovation, the DXL® Medical GmbH succeeds in combining technology, design and product into a dental implant harmony, especially for user.”
In lieu of this background, innovative solutions are created, which we are happy to implement with your requirements to create individually unique and sustainable dental implants/secondary components.
With the dental implant types from DXL® Medical, you can provide your patients with a targeted, predictable, responsible and sustainable dental implant therapy.
The “Premium Hybrid” and the “Smart” implant types from DXL® Medical are both fully “feature-loaded”, versatile and meet or exceed the highest demands.
Are you looking for a “Great & Affordable” solution in dental implant segment, hence a solution to avoid products that only encourage patient migration?
Then you are in the best of hands with DXL® Medical Dental Implant System:s Solutions.