DXL Implants Main Benefits

Slope Shoulder Cylindro-Conical Design Conical Connection Crestal Mirco Threads Trapezoidal Thread Profile Bullet-Nosed Self-Tapping Sand Blasted / Large Grid / Acid Etched (SLA) Surface Pure Titanium TiGr4-CP

Reliability and Premium Quality

DXL Medical conducts continuous and systematic quality control. Which is confirmed by the Quality Standards ISO13485:2016.

Unique and Easy

We offer a simple and reliable protocol for all clinical indications. The clinical users perform operations with one type surgical kit for all type of dxl implants models

High-Quality and Affordable German Dental Implants by DXL Benelux: Leading Innovations in Implantology







Dental implant

Modern German implant design that prevents osteoporosis in the neck area and provides room for bone formation. A dental implant creates a relationship between the gums and bones connected by a tight connective tissue, thus providing more hygienic and more aesthetic gum formation.

Deep Tapered Connection

DXL implants provide a strong connection between the implant abutment with its deep taper connection. This connection reduces the risk of periimplantitis occurring in the dental implant.

Platform Switch

Platform switch design of dental implant abutment relationship in modern implantology. Superior German technology.

New brand-name and Quickly known.

The vision of Dxl hence since its inception, to offer dental implant-based solutions with the best “ImplantoLogical” accumen available.
The mission of Dxl is to research & develop and implement, reliable and quality dental implant systems solutions for both practitioners and patients.
The Dxl tends to work multi disciplinary, such as providing, quality control, customer service and support, follow-ups, post marketing surveillance.
All of which are geared towards an easier and more effective dental implant therapy.
DXL Medical continues to develop and grow with innovative ideas from our international customer base and competent authority networking.
The company always runs and follows with the most advanced high-end technical requirements.
DXL Medical conducts continuous and systematic quality control of all raw materials, processes and products, which are prescribed by the Medical Devices Directive 93/42 EEC and International Quality Standard ISO13485:2016 

Customer Reviews

I am a practicing dentist in Germany, and I have been using dental implants from DXL for several years now. I can confidently say that their products have greatly enhanced the quality of care I provide to my patients. Here's why I am so impressed:
Dr. Olivia Smith, DDS
Our dental practice in Germany has been using dental implants from DXL for quite some time now, and we couldn't be happier. Their implants have consistently delivered exceptional results. The precision, durability, and wide range of options have made our implant procedures smoother and more successful. We highly recommend DXL to any dental professional seeking top-notch implant solutions.
Dr. Ethan Patel, DMD
We've been sourcing dental implants from DXL for our practice in Germany for a while, and overall, we're quite satisfied. The implants are of good quality, and our patients have experienced positive outcomes. While their customer support is helpful, we've had a few minor issues with delivery times. However, these were promptly resolved. In general, DXL provides dependable dental implant solutions for our practice.
Dr. Sarah White, DDS